At Seaway Marine Group’s commercial waterfront headquarters in Clayton, New York we operate and maintain an extensive inventory of equipment, supplies, and materials for marine salvage, towage, pollution response, transportation and construction. Much of our equipment has been custom built for our specific needs which enables us to provide specialty service unavailable elsewhere. In particular, our marine equipment is shallow draft, which allows us to reach areas that conventional marine equipment cannot. Additionally, the majority of our equipment is truckable enabling us to provide efficient nationwide coverage.


74’ Higgins Landing Craft

26' Marine Inland Tug


26' Progressive Tug

24' Stanley Landing Craft

23’ Pacific Towboat

23' Maritime Towboat

16' Custom Air Boat


40’ x 10’ x 5’ Poseidon Barge Sections (x8)

20’ x 10’ x 5’ Poseidon Barge Sections (x4)

10’ x 10’ x 5’ Poseidon Raked End Sections (x3)

18" x 41’ Poseidon Spud with Spud Pocket (x2)

18" x 33’ Poseidon Spud with Spud Pocket (x2)

Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack with Spud Winches (x4)

34’ x 100’ x 7’ Spud Barge (x1)

20’ x 40’ Spud Barge (x1)

15’ x 45’ x 4’ Ramp Barge (x1)



Bobcat e85 Excavator w/ Thumb & Blade

New Holland c232 Track Skid Steer

22-Ton Rough Terrain Crane

Service Trucks (x2)

Equipment Trailers (x2)



14′ Salvage Trailer’s (x2)

120,000 lbs of Floatation Lift Bags

3,750′ of 18″ Hard Oil Containment Boom

Oil absorbent pollution materials

3″ Dewatering pumps (x6)

2″ Dewatering pumps (x6)



Gasoline & Diesel Powered Welders (x3)

Gasoline & Diesel Generators (x3)

Gasoline & Diesel Air Compressors (x3)

Plasma Cutter and Torches (x3)




5,400 SF Maintenance/ Repair Facility

Clayton, NY